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Sweet and syrupy Indian doughnuts, Balushahi, made with flour, ghee, and sugar, soaked in a fragrant syrup
A delightful Indian sweet, Dry Fruit Ladoo, made with a mixture of nuts, fruits, and spices, rolled into bite-sized balls
A delightful Indian dessert, Badam Apple, made with sliced apples, soaked in a creamy almond milk sauce
A sweet and nutty Indian dessert, Anjeer Roll, made with dried figs, nuts, and spices, rolled into bite-sized balls
A delectable Indian dessert, Anjeer Burfi, made with dried figs, nuts, and spices, cut into diamond-shaped pieces
A delectable Indian dessert, Milk Cake, made with milk, sugar, and nuts, cut into diamond-shaped pieces

A decent place near attraction

The ambience inside and outside is good and food is also nice. Service can be better. Can be visited for lunch or dinner.

Ravi P S Hauhan

Great place for Indian food in Ubud

Great place for having Indian food in Ubud. We were at the end of our Bali trip and Ubud is a good place if you're craving for the cuisine. We chose this restaurant in particular as it was a walking distance from our hotel and it didn't dissapoint. Would recommend for a meal.

Gopal Nandyala


We came for dinner which was amazing. Service was great and food was tasty, recommend the butter chicken!

Arjun P

My Indian restaurant of choice

Great food, great location, great service. Very friendly without being overbearing. The restaurant occupies quite a large area. A nice covered terrace with tables that can be moved to accommodate different sized groups, an inside restaurant. The chef is outstanding and willing to share his knowledge. Staff overall seem happy and are obviously well taken care of...kudos to the owner!!! Highly recommended

Barbara T

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