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Samosa 2


Papdi Chat
Round savory chips snapped in tangy tamarind sauce and fresh yoghurt sauce

Crisp patties filled with potatoes and green peas

Chilly Paneer/Chicken
Homemade cottage cheese/deep fried chicken sautéedwith green chilies, onions, and soy sauce

Haryali Kebab
Spinach & cottage cheese Cutlets

Mix Vegetable Pakoda
Sliced onion, bell pepper and potatoes, fried crispywith Spiced Lentil Batter

Amritsari Machi
Deep fried gram flour batter coated spicy fish fillet

Shammi Kebab
Deep fried kebabs made of minced lamb and Bengal gram lentil



Straight from our clay oven tandoor, which is heated with charcoal. Served on hot sizzlers with chutney (Appetizer for Main Course)

Paneer Tikka
Mint stuffed cottage cheese slices marinated in yogurt, Lentil and spices

Murg Tikka (Chicken Tikka)
Boneless chicken marinate in yoghurt, ginger, garlic paste & chili powder.

Tandoori Murg
Whole chicken marinated in yoghurt herbs & spices

Seekh Kebab (Lamb Sausages)
Tender minced lamb meat, seasoned with ginger, coriander and other spices-cooked on skewers over charcoal

Mahi Tikka (Fish Tikka)
Spicy fish fillet marinated with turmeric, yoghurt
and lime juice and mustard seed

Tandoori Prawn
Prawns dipped in a creamy, carom seed laced yogurt


Cream of Tomato
North Indian style, puree of fresh tomato, a dash of cream and garnished with bread croutons

Sweet Corn Soup (Veg / Chicken)
Indian Chinese Style

rogan josh


[ Vegetable Dishes ]

Malai Kofta Curry
Cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits, simmered in rich cashew nut gravy

Mili Juli Subzi
Assortment of seasonal vegetables cooked with Home ground spices in curry sauce

Paneer Makhni
Cubes of cottage cheese in buttered tomato, honey Gravy and flavor of dry leaves of fenugreek

Palak Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese in spinach gravy

Kadhai Paneer
Cottage cheese, peppers, coriander seeds, and red chilies cooked in chopped onion and tomato

Aloo Gobhi
Potatoes and cauliflower simmered in onions, tomato, and spices

[ Non-Vegetable Dishes ]

Chicken / Fish / Prawn Curry
Home style chicken / fish / prawn curry

Murgh Makhni (Butter Chicken)
Boneless chicken roasted in the tandoor and then Cooked in a creamy tomato based gravy

Kadhai Murgh
Chicken cooked with onion, bell peppers and seasoned with red chilies and coriander seeds

Rogan Josh (Lamb curry)
Lamb cooked in mild spiced and mace flavored tomato onion curry

Sikandri Raan
Whole leg of baby lamb marinated with cardamom, bay leaves, dark rum and mixture of Indian spices.



Pulao – A choice of long grained special flavor Indian rice
Saada Chawal – Plain Steamed Rice
Peas Pulao – Basmati rice cooked with green peas

Special Biryani’s – Long grained rice, aromatic herbs & spices cooked with a choice of :
Subz Biryani – Mixed vegetables cooked in rice with special herbs and spices
Murg Biryani – Chicken cooked in basmati rice with special herbs and spices
Gosht Biryani – Lamb cooked in basmati rice with special herbs and spices


Ganesha’s Special (mix of Yellow lentils)
Chef’s choice of yellow lentils tempered with asafetida and coriander leaves

Dal Makhni (Black lentils)
Black lentils cooked with garlic and tomatoes, simmered overnight over clay oven and enriched with butter and cream. A very special dish

Yoghurt with choice of Cucumber/ mix vegetable / Boondi / plain

Salad of your choice – mix vegetables

Lentil crackers



Indian breads baked on the inside walls of the clay pot oven (tandoor)

Tandoori Roti
Indian staple bread baked in clay oven (wheat flour)

Naan (Plain, butter, cheese, and garlic)
Famous Indian leavened bread (refined wheat flour)

Masala kulcha
Soft round bread stuffed with potatoes

gulab jamun


Gulab Jamun
Deep fried milk solid balls dipped in sugar syrup

Kesar Pista Kulfi
Saffron flavored homemade Indian ice cream Garnished with pistachio

Cheese dumpling immersed in cardamom flavored milk

Spongy cottage cheese dumpling in rose flavor light sugar syrup

Mango Kulfi
Mango flavored homemade Indian Ice cream (This is made from Alfanso Mango pulp of India)

Gajjar Halwa
Shredded carrot cooked with cardamom, milk & sugar

Choice of ice creams (two Scoops)
Choice – strawberry, vanilla, & chocolate



Choice of main course served with Steam Rice, Butter Naan, Aloo Gobhi, Achar, and Papad

[ Vegetarian ]

Palak Paneer
Cottage cheese in spinach gravy, tempered with garlic and ginger

[Non- Vegetarian ]

Chicken Tikka Butter Masala
Roasted chicken and bell pepper cooked in buttered tomato gravy

Rogan Josh / Lamb Curry
Lamb cooked in mild spiced and mace flavored tomato onion curry

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